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4 Most Harmful Skin Care Habits

4 Most Harmful Skin Care Habits


Skin is the soft outer covering that protects the internal functions of the body. Being such a delicate, vulnerable layer of tissue, skin needs regular, mindful care in order to be properly maintained. Unfortunately, the area of self-skin treatment is awash with pseudoscience, and most people tend to have their own subjective opinions on the best way to care for skin. This can lead to harmful skin care habits that might eventually necessitate a trip to the Palo Alto dermatologist office. 

Using Several Different Products

In attempting to take proper care of their skin, people tend to overdo things by opting to use several different products in the same areas. From a dermatological standpoint, this is highly ill-advised. It’s normally much better to use one or two proven products than trying to use every skin care option under the sun. The use of several products may lead to irritation, and the specific ingredients found in different products can clash together and cause further unforeseen skin issues. If a patient is adamant on using several skin care products, the dermatologist will commonly advise them to opt for natural products as opposed to abrasive chemical ones.

Treating the Skin Roughly

Dermatologists commonly cringe during consultations in which patients roughly point to irritated areas of the skin. In these cases, some patients might pull or stretch out the irritated areas with their fingers, which may cause the condition to worsen. Human skin is extremely sensitive, particularly when it is experiencing a certain issue. Therefore, it is always recommended that skin care patients treat their skin delicately when making contact with irritated areas.

Laziness Toward Cleansing

While many people apply great efforts to take care of their skin, many others don’t pay a single thought to skin care whatsoever. Certain people believe that a simple face wash in the morning provides enough skin care for the rest of the day, which is certainly not the case. In the cases of women wearing makeup, sometimes the makeup is left on the woman’s face overnight, which can lead to minor or even severe skin conditions in the future. Dermatologists advise regular, daily skin care, at least in the form of treating the face with proven cleansers twice a day.

Picking Pimples

Picking or scratching at pimples can turn a relatively harmless irritation into a major condition. Most occurrences of pimples are benign, and would heal promptly if left alone. However, manipulating the infected area invites bacteria into the pores, which can unnecessarily augment the issue. Dermatologists would rather not have their patients deal with problems that could have been entirely avoidable, which is why they never recommend popping pimples, in any case.


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