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4 Different Types of Dermatologists

The field of medicine runs significantly deep, and this of course applies to dermatology. While all types of dermatologists in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area focus on skin care, each specialize in a different aspect of the field. The following are the four main types of dermatologists.

Cosmetic Dermatologists

Unlike immunodermatologists, cosmetic dermatologists are among the most visible doctors in the field of dermatology. They specialize in a range of different tasks centered on aesthetics, such as laser hair removal, treating cases of severe acne, or tightening the skin with certain injections. In extreme cases, cosmetic dermatologists can potentially perform surgery in order to reduce the outbreak of scars on patients. Though a relatively broad field, cosmetic dermatologists have the option of specializing in specific areas, such as skin rejuvenation or hair removal. If symptoms of potentially serious conditions such as skin cancer are noticed in cosmetic dermatological consultations, the cosmetic dermatologist will normally work closely with dermatopathologists in order to identify the precise skin issue.


Dermatopathologists specialize in finding out where the various forms of skin diseases come from. Vastly trained in pathology, a dermopathologist receives regular skin and tissue samples from patients currently in consultation with cosmetic dermatologists. Upon receiving the sample, the dermatopathologist scrutinizes it under a microscope before performing certain examinations in order to locate the exact problem with the skin. Dermatopathologists don’t commonly work with patients directly; they work in laboratories, engaging in testing and research. Due to their contributions to the field, dermatopathologists are critical components to dermatology.


Pediatric Dermatologists

As the job title implies, pediatric dermatologists are specifically trained to work with children experiencing skin issues. Because children respond differently to specific treatment types when compared to adults, they require specific care from a trained pediatric dermatologist. Pediatric dermatologists deal with several various skin conditions, such as dermatitis caused by allergic reactions, acne, birthmarks, warts, and hives. Additionally, they also provide care for children who suffer from skin conditions congenital in nature. The equipment and supplies that a pediatric dermatologist works with are specifically designed for use in child patient cases.


Immunodermatologists specialize in examining how the immune system interacts with the skin. Skin conditions such as contact dermatitis and eczema are related to the immune system, thus falling under immunodermatologists’ expertise. Among the various tasks of an immunodermatologist is the development for solutions to skin diseases that are closely related to the immune system. Like dermatopathologists, immunodermatologists work mostly in laboratory settings, performing experiments built to assess how the immune system and skin will react in response to various substances. Despite the vast importance of the work of immunodermatologists, people commonly are not aware of the work being done in the field.

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