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The 5 Worst Foods for the Skin

A healthy and wholesome diet can make a person look fantastic. Strong nails, shiny hair, and clear, smooth skin are some of the benefits of a good diet. On the other end of the spectrum, a bad diet will also show up all over the face, and not in a good way. The face is like a map of what an individual puts in their body and when a person has poor dietary habits their skin will suffer. An individual can consult with a Pleasanton dermatologist for information specific to their own skin, however it’s been found that, for anyone, these 5 foods are among the worst offenders for both their immediate and long term effects on the skin:

  1. Sugar – Candy, soda, cakes, donuts, and anything else sweet and sugary will negatively impact the skin. Sugar breaks down collagen in the skin and depletes elastin levels, which is what makes the skin supple and allows it to bounce back after being stretched. Lower levels of collagen and elastin will show up on the face as fine lines and the skin will have a papery, thin quality to it over time. Dermatologists agree that sugary foods aren’t worth the toll they take on the face. Satisfy a sweet tooth with fresh fruit drizzled with maple syrup or honey instead of artificial sweetener or processed sugar.
  2. Alcohol – While sipping a glass of red wine can be beneficial to the health in a variety of ways, drinking any more than that will have an adverse effect on the skin. Alcohol dehydrates the skin to the point where it loses its plumpness and will have a dull, flat appearance. Drinking alcohol can also make the skin look puffy, which is something that people will notice right away after a night of drinking. Sugary cocktails are the worst offenders because they combine the negative effects of these two culprits.
  3. White bread – White bread, pasta, or baked goods that are made from white flour are high on the glycemic index scale, meaning they cause an immediate spike in the blood sugar. Foods of this type can cause the skin to breakout and appear dull. White, processed flours are much higher on the glycemic index than whole grains like rye, spelt, and whole wheat are, so individuals are encouraged to swap these healthier alternatives into their diet wherever they can.
  4. Deli meats – Processed meats are high in sodium, as are a number of other processed and pre-packaged foods. Placerville dermatologists will tell their clients that consuming foods that are high in sodium dehydrates the skin, causing water retention and leading to skin that looks swollen or puffy. Use salt in moderation and choose low sodium versions of processed foods if you must have them in your diet.
  5. Dairy – Eating dairy products increases mucus production in the body and causes inflammation throughout the body. This slows down the skin’s ability to turnover new cells and can lead to breakouts. Many people find an improvement of their skin overall if the remove dairy from their diet and choose alternatives like almond milk or soy cheese.

Disclaimer: We are unable to guarantee any result, even though most of our patients do see success. The results of our services will vary greatly to each patient’s level of commitment and compliance with the program.

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