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Taking Care of One’s Skin Depending on Their Age

Taking Care of One’s Skin Depending on Their Age

Aging beautifully doesn’t mean that some form of magic descends from the skies, and keeps one’s skin looking fresh. Indeed, as any dermatologist in Palo Alto would be able to confirm, taking proper care of one’s skin is crucial for them enjoying a youthful-looking face. Still, one’s needs change as they age, since what may have worked great in the early years, may no longer be enough later on. As such, knowing exactly what to do depending on what age one is at is very important.

Under Twenty

Wearing sunscreen is crucial at any age. The faster one learns to do so, the better. Developing good reflexes when it comes to sunscreen as early as possible can lead to huge benefits as far as the health of the skin goes, and the benefits will be noticed later on. Indeed, some dermatologists from Palo Alto believe that 90 percent of premature skin aging is caused by being exposed to the sun too much, and without any sort of protection.


The most common problem at this age is preventing anti aging and treating acne. As such, one should make a habit out of cleansing their face twice each day, and ensuring that their skin stays hydrated. In addition, one should also start to go to a dermatologist in Palo Alto, as youth doesn’t guarantee that one’s skin won’t have issues.

Thirties and Forties

Retinol helps at this age, and it should be used all year round. While it increases sun sensitivity, one can simply use sunscreen for protection. In addition, one should watch their diet, as the food one eats has a huge impact on the health of their skin. Avoiding white flour, and dairy products, as well as sugar is a great anti-inflammatory diet, which will keep the skin fresh.

Fifties and Above

In one’s fifties, one should keep their skin as hydrated as possible. This means they should use moisturizers that contain antioxidants at least twice each day. In addition, one should make sure that they use glycolic acid for washing. This helps improve the turnover of the cells, without increasing dryness. This is a great help in keeping dullness away, as it helps the skin look brighter and healthier. Of course, the diet portion is also important at this age, just like it was in the 30s and 40s.

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