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Get the Facts About Impetigo

Get the Facts About Impetigo


When it comes to a dermatologist, San Francisco residents might consider making an appointment for a variety of reasons. Impetigo is a skin condition that is highly contagious, so you do not want to delay getting the proper treatment. It is often seen in children and infants. Learning more about this skin issue might help parents to know when it is time to reach out to a doctor who is able to make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the proper treatments.


Looking at the Causes


Being exposed to the bacteria that results in this condition is what generally causes it. This can include contact with items that an infected person touches, such as clothing or toys. There are also risk factors that parents want to be aware of:


     Being ages two to five

     Humid and warm weather

     Broken skin

     Crowded conditions

     Playing sports where there is a lot of contact


Possible Symptoms


The most common symptom is usually red sores that rapidly rupture and then start to ooze. After a few days, a brownish-yellow crust forms where the oozing was occurring. The sores are usually seen around the mouth and nose, but might also occur elsewhere if someone touches a sore and then another area of their body.


Diagnostic Methods


In many cases, doctors might be able to make a diagnosis by simply examining the sores on the body. While testing might be done to make sure the diagnosis is accurate, it often is not. Should the sores not start to heal, doctors might suggest getting a sample of the liquid that oozes from the sores to see if a different antibiotic might be more effective.


Treatment Options


In most cases, an antibiotic is used to treat this condition. The medication usually comes in the form of a cream or ointment that is applied directly to the area where the sores are present. In some cases, the affected area might need to be soaked prior to applying the medication to ensure optimal absorption.


You can see that if your child appears to have impetigo, it is a good idea to consult with a dermatologist in San Francisco. They may be able to provide a diagnosis that is accurate, as well as offer you the different treatment options that may be available. It is a good idea to never let any skin abnormalities go without being looked at, whether they are happening to your child or yourself.


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