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5 Dermatologist-Approved Tips for Relieving Itchy Skin

5 Dermatologist-Approved Tips for Relieving Itchy Skin

There are many reasons why people can have itchy skin such as having skin irritation or underlying skin problems. Common skin problems that cause itchy skin are hives, eczema, psoriasis, and scabies. Having allergic reactions to things around you or to the food that you ate can also lead to having itchy skin. If this problem isn’t addressed properly, it can lead to permanent skin damage due to the need to scratch the itchy surface. If you have itchy skin, here are some tips approved by a dermatologist in Cameron Park that you can follow.

1. Put an ice pack on the skin

To relieve the itchiness, you can put an ice pack on the area of concern. Leave the ice pack for at least 10 minutes to let the itchiness go away. If you don’t have an ice pack, a cold and wet towel will do. This is a preliminary quick solution but if there are underlying skin problems, you may need to get a check-up for it so you can get medicines that will cure the skin problems.

2. Keep your skin moisturized

In some cases, the cause of the itchiness is having dry skin. To alleviate the itchiness and help address the skin dryness, always apply a moisturizer on your skin especially after taking a bath. Make sure that you avoid moisturizer products that are loaded with harmful chemicals and fragrances that tend to irritate the skin and make itchy. Look for moisturizer products that are made from natural elements to ensure that it can get the job done.

3. Choose to take a warm bath

If you have chronic itchy skin, it is recommended that you take a warm bath every time instead of a hot one or a cold one. A warm bath can help soothe the itchiness while leaving your skin soft. Still, even with a warm bath, make sure that you moisturize later on. Since baths usually take away the moisture from your skin, make sure to take shorter baths to avoid skin dryness that leads to itchy skin.

4. Change your laundry detergent

Your laundry detergent might be the reason that your skin gets irritated and leads to having itchy skin. If this is the case, replace your laundry detergent immediately. Look for one that doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals and fragrances that have many adverse effects on your skin.

5. Take medications recommended by your doctor

If the cause of your itchy skin is skin diseases, take the medications that were given to you by your doctor. Some medications may be topical so apply them as instructed to ensure their effectiveness.

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